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Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, Graphical user interface Pages: 9 (3162 words) Published: March 11, 2013
During the 70’s, the collaboration of Apple Inc. and Microsoft to come up with Apple 2 is really endearing, and for me that is how you create a revolutionary/radical technology. As Bill discussed how Microsoft got engaged in the creation of Apple 2, they have already exemplified the school of thought of the 5th generation style of management. Though the fruition of GUI was not realized until the early 90’s, they were already betting on the technology to be the next big thing. It was a great leap for both companies as they try to partner up with each other.

One of the discussions I really appreciated was the fact that they are already envisioning that computers could be utilized for personal use. As many companies, who were ahead of them, embark on creating computers for enterprises, they have created a new business plan that focuses on a wider base of consumers.

Apple 2 for its time was indeed revolutionary, for instance GUI was already planned for integration and as they were looking for the new trends that would shape our lives. The way Bill stated it is by saying that they were looking for a paradigm shift. As people were using the DOS based application, he saw that graphics interface was the product of the future. And indeed it was, but it was not an overnight success, there were many resistances in their industry simply because it was something that challenged the way they were doing things. GUI was envisioned in Apple 2 having the graphics but it was not until 1995 that it took off. During the reign of Microsoft in the 90’s, Bill stated that what lacked in Apple during those times was the product differentiation that Windows has and it has not evolved as much as it should have as a computer company.

Upon getting back in Apple in 1997, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the two companies, patched things up, as Steve admittedly stated that there was no way they could topple down Microsoft, it was just right to have a good working atmosphere with them. But speaking on how they treat each other as competitors is a different story. Microsoft is more visible in a lot of products and during the time of the interview the only product that they have was the IPod and the upcoming IPhone, these was the time by which Apple has not changed the landscape yet just like what Microsoft did in the 90’s. Apple has just change the market for music entertainment and smartphones and tablets has yet to be the next big thing.

The way Steve Jobs looked at Microsoft as a competitor is remarkable, he does not make it a point to topple down the giant, he simply looked at the way they do their business, pick up the things that were great, looked past those things that were not great and integrate it to your own process. He stated that he doesn’t need to destroy Microsoft as a software company, because clearly PC’s 80% of the market share on personal computing is really huge and there is no way Mac could compete in that arena, what he did is to look for other opportunities that were not yet seen by other companies and create a market for it. These thoughts of Steve as to what were the reasons why they were into portable music, it is because the Japanese companies who invented and owned the technology were not a good software integrator, and that is why they came in. They saw the market, they saw the need and created a better user experience that they believe, caters to the things that lacks in those Japanese portable media devices.

Steve Jobs way of creating innovative products and revolutionary paradigm was also commented by Bill Gates and indeed without him Apple could not have gone back to its feet again. The idea of getting to market first with revolutionary product was perfected by Steve Jobs and he see to it that what he was doing was an answer to problem domains that are yet to be discovered.

In the interview Steve Jobs also hinted out the hardware and software integration in one product, true enough that he was right. As...
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