Reaction Zumba

Topics: Cycling, Exercise physiology, Strength training Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: March 6, 2015
Jurado, Radiance A.
Reaction Paper for Zumba Party

Last September 27, 2013, the Zumba Party was held at the CHK (College ofHuman Kinetics) Gym. During the said event, the people participated in dancing. It wasa tiring, but truly fun event.

When we arrived, the ‘party’ has already started and almost everyone was dancing. I was with a classmate and we were late because of our classes, but nonetheless we joined the ‘party’. Initially, I thought that the event was just a party where we will watch the Zumba students dancing and would require minimal effort fromthe people coming, so I did not bother bringing extra clothes and I was wearing a dressthat day. Instead, it was like an aerobics class or something similar. And even though Iwhat I was wearing that day was something totally inappropriate for the event, it did notstop me from joining in and having fun. In the end, I was sweating and feeling refreshed and energetic. It is so differentfrom the everyday routine of no exercise (except Wednesdays and Fridays) and justgoes to show that working out can be fun and not torturous. I have always hated movingand doing anything that could make me sweat and exhausted, but in the event, I hadfun dancing for the first time. And I hate dancing, because I’m not really good at it but I just swallowed my fear and let myself go. Exercising can be a fun and enjoyable hobby, and because of the Zumba party, Ithink I finally understood why many people are fond of it. I think there should be moreactivities like that, promoting exercise and its benefits.
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