Reasoning and Analysis Paper Assignment—Cms 11, Sec. 8531

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Reasoning and Analysis Paper Assignment—CMS 11, Sec. 8531

This assignment is a reasoning and analysis paper. What you have to do is to select one of the two movies listed below, and then develop a paper in which you analyze how both the halo effect (or the reverse halo effect) and the thesis expressed in Prof. Comila Shahani-Denning’s article are reflected in the movie. Be aware that the halo effect is not always about physical appearance. Also, although the halo effect and Shahani-Denning’s thesis may seem similar, they are not identical and should not be treated as one idea in your paper.

What You Have to Do Prepare for this Assignment

1. Read the following article: Shahani-Denning, Comila. “Physical Attractiveness Bias in Hiring: What is Beautiful is Good.” Hofstra Horizons (Spring 2003): 15-18.
(note: I found this article by googling the title.)

2. Watch The Devil Wears Prada (2006) or Broadcast News (1987).
3. Write a 3/12 to 4 page paper (plus a works cited page; Times New Roman, 12 point font; double spaced) in which you answer the following question:
How do the halo effect (or the reverse halo effect) and Shahani-Denning’s thesis apply to the assumptions and behaviors of the characters in the film as well as to your personal experience or to today’s popular culture?

A good paper will accomplish all of the following (although not necessarily in the order listed):
1. Correctly identify the assigned article’s thesis and provide a concise, effective summary of the article that cites two or more supporting examples from the article. (Note: this may take you approximately one page); be sure to include in-text citations in MLA when you cite the article in your paper.
2. Explain how the article’s thesis relates to the movie. (Note be very specific when you relate the article’s thesis to the movie; use specific examples from the movie; be sure to cite the movie in your paper using MLA format, as well).

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