Reasons for Apple's Success

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, IPod Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: September 27, 2010
The major aspects of Apple's international success are their product development, their extensive marketing and the human approach to high technology. Apple's success during the last several years was enormous. 14 billion dollars they earned in 2005. But what caused the enormous Apple hype? Apple's Products: iPhone, iPod and the Macbook

First of all, Apple's products show some very distinctive characteristics which are typical of the company: • simple design
• simple user interface
• high quality components
• coherent hardware and software
Everybody who has ever seen an iPhone or an iPod certainly agrees with the simple design; there aren't many buttons and different parts which can be opened and exchanged, it's just one piece of technology made to be used as it is. The simple user interface is a very clear point, too. For instance, on an iPhone, there aren't different submenus or different ways of displaying the menu, it's just nice as it is and can't be changed. The high quality components aren't necessarily meant to provide the newest functionalities or the highest available capacities. They do what they should do, in a decent way, and nothing more. Consequently, an iPhone may only have a 2 mega pixel camera and there may not be any user-definable preferences for taking photos, but every time you need to take a picture, the camera is there, and it just works. The coherent hardware and software are part of this technique: Apple invests much of the development time into the fine-tuning. Instead of getting the newest available components, they chose those which are tested and adapt them to work seamlessly one with another, both in the hardware category and the software. Apple's Marketing

One major aspect of Apple's success is their marketing strategy. Together with their omnipresent and minimalistic and thus pleasant ads on television or in the streets, the high brand recognition is an important factor when it comes to finding new customers....
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