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Mable Finnie
Professor V. Oliver
Whit3 Collar Crimes
September 3, 2012

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White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime is consided Fraud. That involves theft. The essence of fraud is larceny by trick; that is, possession of property obtained through deception. There are many kinds of fraud including false advertising, bankruptcy fraud, and criminal impersonations. But the object of frauds is always the same: to obtain property through false representations.

Another category of white collar crimes can be called against public administration, inasmuch as they are most often committed by those who have some connection with the government, these are crimes such as bribery, official misconduct, obstruction of justice, and perjury.

Bribery usually occurs when money, goods, services, information or anything else of value is offered with intent to influence the actions, opinions, or decisions of the taker. You may be charged with bribery whether you offer the bribe or accept it. There are several types of white collar crimes: Health care fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud, computer fraud, forgery, extortion, credit card fraud, embezzlement , Tax Evasion, Insurance fraud, Counterfeiting fraud, and the list goes on. Many types of fraudulent schemes, including mortgages fraud and insurance fraud, are amongst the more common white collar crimes. These can be as common as individual embarking on an insurance scheme to improperly collect on an insurance policy after lying in application materials. They can also extend to larger scale schemes by business to defraud their customers or others in the marketplace. Ponzi schemes and other business related scams to fraudulently take money from investors have been some of the most famous white collar crimes. These can take all shapes and sizes.
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