Topics: Citation, Typography, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: February 13, 2014
Paper Prompt #1
Due Friday, February 14

Respond to this question with an essay of 1,000 words:

How did interactions between Native Americans and Europeans in the New World alter the religious worldviews of both sides?


1. This is a “five-paragraph essay” in the sense that students will develop an argument that will be laid out in the introduction and conclusion, while the evidence that supports the argument will be in the middle three sections.

2. For the evidence, choose three specific examples from the readings, lectures, and class discussions of encounters between Native Americans and Europeans and explain how the encounter changed the religious worldview of one of the parties. Some of the strong examples presented in class material include: the readings by Diamond, Richter, and Breslaw; the film Black Robe; and the lecture about Neolin. There may be others.

a. Use of the sources should comply with the highest standards of citation of the research and ideas of others. That means that your writing style will be one of engagement with the authors, similar to what we have been practicing in the reading questions.

b. You may check with me if you are unsure whether an example you want to use will work. I encourage any of you who wish to discuss your ideas for the paper with me to make an appointment to do so.

3. Develop a thesis statement (argument) that covers all three examples in an attempt to develop a larger theory about the nature of these contacts.

a. One way to get thinking about this paper will be to think about the ways people in these historical situations turned to either their own religion or to the religion of others to negotiate their changing circumstances.

b. Make sure that you have at least one example of a Native American person or group’s religious worldview changing and one example of a European person or group’s religious worldview changing.

c. You may use up to two examples from one...
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