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1) To understand, analyse and evaluate how businesses can effectively deliver value to customers in order to achieve customer satisfaction, attract new customers, promote customer loyalty, establish competitive advantage, 2) To develop business sustainability through a holistic approach by integrating technology, people, processes and business philosophy in a pragmatic manner. 3) To be able to apply underlying concepts and principles of operations and marketing with respect to delivering customer value


This assignment represents 50% of the total marks for this subject; the assessment is worth 100%. The assignment is on individual basis with word counts should not be more than 2000 words. You are required to choose (1) ONE of the topic below. You are to attach a softcopy of your answer in CD format together with your written assignment when making your submission at the designated date.

QUESTION 1: The Gap Model of Service Quality

Choose ONE (1) service organization and with reference to published case studies and any other relevant articles (such as from magazines, newspapers, and industrial reports), critically analyse the failures of service performance that were committed. Using the service quality gap model, identify the possible reason or reasons leading to such failures and give recommendations on how these failures can be minimised.

You are also require to evaluate the usefulness of the service quality gap model as a tool in helping managers to effectively deliver value to their customers in comparison with other frameworks learnt in class.

Question 2: Value Chain Process

Select ONE (1) company from the manufacturing industry andusing the value chain analysis, critically analyse the salient activity or activities that help the chosen companies to achieve competitive advantage in creating and delivering customer...

Citations: and references are present but not consistent. * Some grammatical and spelling errors are made. * Minimal number of references from relevant sources. |
Pass 50% – 64% | * Limited understanding of the theories and concepts are shown. * Limited level amount of analysis and evaluation is made. * Inconsistency in writing the references and citations. * Some parts in the answer where citations are required are without citations. * Lack of originality in writing. * Answer fails to flow cohesively. |
Fail Below 50% | * Answer given by students fails to address the question. * Poor understanding of the theories and concepts. Many incidences of irrelevancy and inaccuracy. * Ideas are presented in a fragmented manner. * High evidence of students copying and pasting works from other sources. * Citation and references are written in a highly inconsistent fashion. * All or many of the references do not adhere to Harvard System. * Very limited number of quality references has been made. |
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