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A Report on Why Most People Prefer iPhone?

1.1 Introduction
iPhone is a line of smart phones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The key person of the invention is Steve Jobs (Chairman, 1976-1985, 2011; CEO, 1997–2011). iPhone was released on 29 of June, 2007. There are 5 generation of iPhone and the latest model that release on 4 of October, 2011 is known as iPhone 4s. 1.2 Problem/Issues that called for investigation

Nowadays, people had spend more time on their phone due to the function available are too broad. The first problem is the price for iPhone is relatively high. The second problem is the radiation release by iPhone is high and it might put our health at risk. The third problem is the durability of battery is low. 1.3 Objectives of Report

a) What are the problems reported by iPhone users?
b) What are the places that iPhone can be purchase?
c) What type of promotion and packages available for iPhone? d) How is the price of iPhone in the market?
1.4 Significance of Report
The significance of the report is to study the behavior and sentiment of investor in property investment. Manager can use this report to analyze which type of property is better to invest. Manager can use this report to understand more about property investment.

1.5 Scope And Limitation
The report will cover among property investor in Penang Island, aged between 35-60 years old. This scope and limitation is our hypothesis shows that people among this age have extra money to invest in property through observation. The limitation is only in Penang Island, property investment in other country and states is not covered.

1.6 Methodology
Our group collect the data for our report through Primary and Secondary Methods. Our secondary data will be carry out based on magazines, newspaper and internet article. Our primary source will be questionnaires, interviews and observations: 1. We will prepare 20 copies of questionnaires to investors...

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