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BUS3004 Research Worksheet (Template)


The worksheet’s purpose is to guide the steps for efficient Capella Library and Internet searches to find and paraphrase reliable, credible resources relevant to your research paper topic. This worksheet will lead you through the steps by doing Part A for Unit 3 and Part B for Unit 4.

Your efficient, effective research will assure a solid, strong drafted paper for Unit 5. By completing this worksheet, you will have at least six paragraphs done for your draft! NOTES: You need to complete all of this Research Worksheet before drafting your paper. Substandard draft papers submitted without a completed research worksheet cannot earn a grade.

Enjoy researching, paraphrasing, and citing other authors using this research worksheet!

Worksheet Components:

Part A includes four steps to complete, which will become your main post in Unit 3: • STEP ONE: Problem Statement and Key Words
• STEP TWO: Library Research, Source #1
• STEP THREE: Internet Research, Source #1
• STEP FOUR: References and Finalizing Unit 3 main post.

Part B includes five steps to complete, which will become your main post in Unit 4: • STEP FIVE Library Research, Sources #2 and #3
• STEP SIX: Internet Research, Sources #2 and #3
• STEP SEVEN: References
• STEP EIGHT: Pre-Writing Template
• STEP NINE: Finalizing Unit 4 main post

Before You Begin:
• Complete all Unit 3 studies.
• Review your Business-Related Tentative Problem Statement completed in Unit 2.

• Refer to the Unit 3 studies while you are completing this worksheet. • Italic represents directions to guide success (which can be deleted when finished) • NOTE: Revise your business-related topic and business-related problem statement as you do this worksheet.

Part A (complete for Unit 3)

Note: To earn a good grade and to be prepared for Unit 4 coursework, you must complete all items in Part A as directed (even if you miss the discussion). Incomplete Part A submissions cannot earn a grade, and you will be asked to make appropriate revisions prior to proceeding with the course.

[insert your name here]

STEP ONE: Problem Statement and Keywords

Begin with your tentative problem statement from Unit 2; you can and should improve it throughout your Unit 3 coursework.

Because employee empowerment can transform an organization, organizations have the responsibility to address the barriers to employee empowerment. Management involvement plays an important role in employee empowerment. When attempting to empower employees, next to the Chief Executive Officer, the supervisor is the most influential position of any in an organization. [Write your specific problem statement that can be argued and supported here.]

Using your problem statement to guide your research, identify descriptive keywords to use for your search. Examples:
Employee empowerment
Barrier employee empowerment
Management role employee empowerment

[Write your keywords here]

STEP TWO: Library Search

Refer to the Library Guide links provided in Unit 3 studies, which will guide the paraphrasing, direct quoting, and citations for STEP TWO.

Library Source #1

Which keywords worked best for the Summons search? Example Management role employee empowerment

[Write your keywords here]

Title of the article:


Management Behind the Scenes: Employee Empowerment

[Write or paste your article title here]

Author(s) of the article:

one author example: VanDyke, E.
two authors example: Ongori, H., & Shundra, J.P.W.
three authors example: Calvasina, E., Calvasina, G., and Calvasina, R.

[Write or paste author(s) here]

Date of the article:

Example: 2007.
Example when no date is available: n.d.

[Write your article’s date here]

Citation from the Summons search. Click the citation icon and the citation will appear. Copy the citation and...
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