Road to Becoming a Woman

Topics: Girl, Woman, Boy Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Shakara Williams
Dr. Zehr
ENGL 288 A
21 February2013
“The Road to Becoming a Woman” As a female growing up, you go through many changes and emotions. When you’re younger and these changes begin you don’t quite understand until you are older. Growing up I went from being a “tom boy” into the conservative young woman I am today. Through Judith Wright’s “Naked Girl and Mirror” and Denise Lervertov’s “In mind” you can see what emotions each narrator went through as she transformed into a woman. Many topics such as the tom boy issues, the idea of someone else “owning” her and the issue of going from a child to an elderly woman are all faced. As a female I look back at my past and see things that I miss and can no longer do because I have simply grew up. The standards for girls after puberty are higher than those of a boy. Having friends who are boys is no longer innocent, wearing a baseball cap, shorts and a tee makes you a cross dresser and if you played a sport better than a guy you are automatically considered a tom boy or a lesbian and your body prepares it’s self for child baring whether you want it or not. I can relate to each poem and the guide that the narrator gives to her emotions through puberty. The writing style of going from past, present to future is the best way to explain what it is like to grow up as a female because everyone can have their own story to each part.

The past. “This is not I. I had no body once only what served my need to laugh and run and stare at stars and tentatively dance on the fringe of foam and wave and sand and sun.”(Wright 728) Being a young woman, when you read this you assume that she has reached puberty and is now facing the fact that her body has changed. I remember growing up and being teased by my older female family members because I wasn’t as fast to develop as they were. So while my grandmother made them stay indoors I was free to play outdoors as much as I...

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