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ASSIGNMENT MAY2013Trimester DateAssigned: 8MAY2013 DueDate: Lecturer: Weighting: 29JUNE2013 AMINATHSUDHA/IDREESISMAIL/AJITHKUMAR BHASKARAN 40%

1. 2. 3. ThisassignmentconsistsofONE(1)question. Thisisanindividualassignment. The assignment will be evaluated based on accurate explanations which fulfilled the requirements of the questions andsupportedbycrediblepoints. 4. 5. Theassignmentshouldbe8‐10pageslongexcludingreferences andappendix(ifany). Youarerequiredtoundertakesomedegreeofresearchthrough scholarly articles and other materials such as newspaper articlesavailabletosupportyouranalysisandevaluation. 6. References in APA style must be included and taken from reliablesourcessuchasbooksandjournals. Refer to: to viewthedetailsandsamplesofAPAstyle. 7. 8. 9. Plagiarism, copying and cheating will NOT be awarded any mark,anddisciplinaryactionswillbetakeninstead. The cover of the assignment should include details as in Appendix1. Completed assignment must be placed on the Assignment Drop Box located in reception before 6:00pm of Saturday, 29June2013anduploadasoftcopytoRoseStudentPortal by11:59pmofduedate. 10. This assignment contributes 40% of the total marks for the course. 11.

If Extensions on Assessment is granted, the approved assignment extension form (Appendix 2) should be submitted alongwiththeAssessment.



PURPOSE  The objective of this assignment is to develop students’ ability to apply the knowlege of elasticity on  telecommunication  services,  and  identify  the  impact  of  the  government  placing  a  tax  on   telecommunication services.    REQUIREMENT      

“Poor  people  spend  generally  a  larger  portion  of  their  income  on  basic  goods,  such  as  food.  However,as they get rich, they buy an increasing proportion of luxury goods. The implication of this is  that demand for basic goods is likely to be low, and their demand rises  slowly as income rise, while  on the other hand demand for luxury goods is likely to be high”.     Identify whether telecommunication services (use of telecommunication) could be categorised as a  basic  good,  a  normal  good  or  a  luxury  good  using  the  knowledge  of  demand,  utility,  and  income  elasticity  of  demand.  Next,  determine  the  effect  on  profitability,  if  the  government  were  to  introduce a tax on telephone operators.  _________________________________________________________________________  

[40 MARKS]


  Criteria  Introduction on the nature of  the product, demand and  elasticity. 


  0  No introduction was given on the nature of the  product, demand and  elasticity. 

Low  1  Introduction on the nature  of the product, demand  and elasticity given were  unclear without  example(s).          Unclear discussion on the  four required factors. No  example(s) given 

Fair  2  Brief introduction on the  nature of the product,  demand and elasticity. No  example(s) given. 

Above average  3  Clear introduction on the  nature of the product,  demand and elasticity.  No example(s) given. 

Excellent  4  Extensive introduction  on the nature of the  product, demand and  elasticity. Example(s)  given. 

  Max  Marks    12 

  Discussion on elasticity of  telecommunication, services,  the nature of the demand of ...
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