Sample Movie Review: Pirates of Silicon Valley

Topics: Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., Operating system Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Pirates of the Silicon Valley – Reaction

Pirates of the Silicon Valley is a 1999 film showing how personal computers evolved from mere boxes with buttons into modern-day computers with mouse, screens and colorful displays. This is a film about Steve Jobs (played by Noah Wyle) the co-founder of Apple Computers and Bill Gates (played by Anthony Hall) co-founder of Microsoft.

Good artists copy, great artists’ steal. This is the phrase that had the biggest impact on the future of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Who would have thought that these two college drop-outs would become two of the world’s successful people?

In the film you can see how Apple Computers and Microsoft begun. How the rivalry of these two companies brought the development of personal computers in the modern-day and how this “pirate” thing happened and made a history.

I watched this movie twice. At first, I thought that this is just a typical “the making of computers” film. I got it wrong. I never thought that such one great artist like Bill Gates is a thief himself. It is clearly shown in the film how this “windows concept” was stolen from Xerox’s PARC Lab by Apple and then Microsoft developed Windows behind Apple’s back. Bill Gates is amazing. He had managed to develop his Windows from the software Apple programmed for their computers without Steve Jobs knowing it. No wonder he is still the world’s richest person.

The movie presented well the characters of both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Jobs had this unenthusiastic, abusive attitude towards his team and co-founders. He is a perfectionist, intelligent and too confident. He also denies his child Lisa but it shows in his character that he loves to be with her. Despite all this, Jobs had managed to uplift and give Apple Computers renowned recognition and success. On the other hand, I kept seeing Bill Gates as a nerdy guy who is nuts about computers and stuffs. He also possesses this negative attitude of trying to put everyone down in...
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