Scavenger Hunt

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Scavenger Hunt
It is important to be aware of the course expectations, the guidelines for completing the assignments and exercises, and the features of the course site so you are able to navigate the course well and be successful. This exercise is intended to orient you to the course requirements and the Moodle platform so you are better able to work through the required activities and assignments. This is your opportunity to browse through the course site and learn the location of the key elemental features. You can accomplish this task in two ways:

1. Follow the direction in Click here for week 1: Scavenger Hunt; or 2. Browse through the course site.
The date of completion is the end of Week 2. This is worth 5% of your grade. Submit this document to the Assignment 1: Scavenger Hunt listed in Week 1. Questions
Possible Grade
Student’s Response
What is the number and title of this course?
GSSC1158, Sociology Introduction
Who is the facilitator and what is their contact information? 0.25
Anna Natoli,
What is the required course textbook?

SOC: A matter of perspective (2013) by Jon Witt & Alana J. Hermiston Where will I find the course reading schedule?
Course outline
Where will I find the grading and due dates schedule?
Course Schedule and Grading Rubrics
What are the assignments I am required to complete to be successful in this course? 0.25
Scavenger Hunt, Academic Blog My Page, Academic Blog Subculture and Socialization, Academic Blog Deviance and Social Control, Academic Blog Crafting a Personal Statement.

What are the due dates for the assignments?

Every Monday at 11:30/ Check with week to week schedule.

What types of questions will I find on the Tests and the Final Exam? 0.25
Multiple choice , True False, Fill in the blanks
What are the due dates for the Tests and the due date for the Final Exam? 0.25
Test -1 week 4
Test – 2 week 7
Test – 3 week 11
Final Exam- between 21...
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