Serial Number Profile Labels Description

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Serial Number Profile Labels (Description)
Serial number profile design was partially derived from AMSS reporting requirements. If a material is serial number managed throughout the army, the serial number profiles GA01 through GA05 will be assigned depending on other characteristics: • GA01 – Identified by LOGSA as a reportable system (AR700-138 B2) and has at least one associated subsystem. • GA02 – Identified by LOGSA as a reportable system (AR700-138 B2) and has no associated subsystems. • GA03 – Is reportable and represents a self propelled vehicle and usage is tracked to accommodate maintenance. • GA04 – Is reportable and dependent (ie towed) by a self propelled vehicle for mobility. This category may include vehicles whose components have less significant value and are not tracked independent of the vehicle or a permanent identification or EIC has not yet been established for the reportable equipment. These items may or may not be required to report usage but require routine maintenance. Most of these items also require a registration number. • GA05 – Reportable (non dispatch) end items such as small arms, night vision gear, communication and navigation equipment, chemical alarms, sights (etc). • GA06 – same as GA03 but non reportable

• GA07 – same as GA04 but non reportable
• GA08 – same as GA05 but non reportable
• GA09 – This profile represents material that requires individual tracking in maintenance (example: inspection and services) but is not serial number managed or tracked. On receipt of a GA09 material, the system will create an equipment record and store the equipment number in the serial number field. Even if a serial number is entered, the serial number will be stored in the extended serial number field during conversion and the generated equipment number will remain populated in the serial number field. Examples of material that have this profile are tool kits, tents, machine gun tripods, and other authorized non sensitive items. However,...
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