seven forms of academic integrtiy

Topics: Plagiarism, Academic dishonesty, Citation Pages: 3 (685 words) Published: October 3, 2013
Seven Forms of Academic Integrity
Mary Jane Obregon
Logan Genrlich
Kara Copper
Theresa Wallace
Professor Chapman

University of Phoenix Material – Week 4

Seven Forms of Academic Dishonesty

Identify the Seven Forms of Academic Dishonesty and write a response for each:

1. Plagiarism :
Plagiarism is when you copy a paragraph or a phrase without putting the proper quotations, punctuations, and citations. When you copy from a source word for word you must put the proper quotation marks or block quotes. If you copy a paragraph from another source you must add proper citations.

2. Self-Plagiarism:
Self-plagiarism is when a student includes work in one assignment that was previously completed and submitted for a different assignment or course, without using the proper citation or getting the proper approval to do so. For example, a student writes a paper for GEN/195, submits the paper and completes the course, in the next class HUM/185 there’s a similar paper due, the student decides to use the previous paper but does not cite the previous paper nor does the student get approval to use the previous paper. This student, along with any other student involved in self-plagiarism, will face the same consequences as if they plagiarized the assignment.

3. Fabrication:

According the Student code of conduct and Webster dictionary – Falsification is deliberately an untrue invention or statement of any information or story with the intent of the person to deceive, Concocting up lies, It’s the act of making up or falsifying on another source’s results in any assignment without proper acknowledgement of that source. Fabrication also includes copying that the student has not actually studied or has not done proper resources to comply the information that they write about it. Therefore it becomes fabrication.

4. Unauthorized Assistance :

Is the use of materials not authorized by you instructor to finish that...
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