Shell Oil and Its Stakeholders in Nigeria

Topics: Citation, Globalization, Reference Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: August 8, 2013
DISCUSSION 1(Week 2)-----Describe Cultural Attitudes toward and presumptions about whether a person can own words and knowledge………..

Answers- Cultural attitude can be termed as the traditional ethic that governs a people in a certain community .The world is diversified a person as an individual is open to understanding , perceiving and also be interpreted differently. For instance a novel can be read by two different people of the same age group and educational qualification but the knowledge acquired will be different. The world itself has gone global and the people in the world are questing and craving for more. It is a basic fact that the more you acquire knowledge the more outstanding you become. Knowledge is power. In our globalized world today education is a paramount thing ,it is the platform to achieving good result . Academic integrity is the key to opening all doors ,it is that little knowledge acquired that differentiates you from the rest. My aim is to be the best in all ramifications of life and knowledge is that key that I need. For one to be a diligent and a team leader you must have proven beyond reasonable doubt that you are a problem solver and a solution finder. For instance my recent trip to China an official trip to inspect a power generating plant we acquired. We were asked to spot out the basic functioning keys that powers the set and what triggers the alarm. My colleagues were all in a confused state but because I have dedicated extra time on my own to research on the plant and found out solutions to solving a problem should it arise,as the instructor was waiting for a volunteer I decided to apply what I practiced and instantly it worked. I strongly believe that no time is wasted in acquiring more knowledge in and outside ones jurisdiction. Citation and Referencing skills that I will apply in this programme is to do my research and read my text books and cite and reference within my work all authors used . Piagiarism...
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