Sociological Concepts

Topics: Sociology, Citation, Research Pages: 4 (929 words) Published: June 21, 2012
SOCI 111 – Introduction to Sociology
American Public University System

Assignment 3: A Day in the Life
25 points

Due: by 11:55 p.m. EST on the Sunday of Week 7 – submit in Sakai AND - submit using the assignment link under Assignments

The purpose of this assignment is to record your life for one day and critically discuss how you are an actor in society; how you affect your social surroundings; and, how your daily life is shaped and constrained by society. This will allow you engage with many of the sociological concepts reviewed to-date including newer concepts such as impression management, stage theory and emotional labor.

Explain why you needed to perform in such a way (i.e., your motives, instincts, feelings, or structural constraints). Do you see who you are and where you are now? Write down your conclusion for this one-day life review journey.

1) Keep a journal. For one day record your life starting from the time when you wake up, to the first person you talk to, until you have finished your day and fall into bed asleep. The journal should be highly detailed Including details such as times, locations of every place you have been to (including where you start and end), people you have encountered, the “roles” you have played facing different people and in different situations, the institutions you come into contact with (education, family, government, health, etc). Identify “who” you were and “where” you were in terms of what you have performed and what “stage” you were on. Once you have completed your day, you will need to type your journal and include it at the end of your write-up. (the journal does not count towards you page count)

2) Analyze your day: After your day of journaling, you will use your typed journal to write a 3-6 page review of a day in your life (in essay format), using at least 8 sociological concepts covered in this course to discuss: - details about your day from a...

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| |content. (2 pts) |content. (1.6 pts) |content. (1.4 pt) |content. (1.2 pts) |of the paper can not be |
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