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Topics: Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Landline Pages: 4 (650 words) Published: March 3, 2013

(Do not use the underlined headings as part of the statement, they are only guidelines)

Type your address here

Dear Visa Officer,

Opening Paragraph:

Who they are: My name, date of birth, where I was born, which College I wish to enroll in, what course and the intake date

2nd Paragraph:

Background of myself - where I live, grew up, where I went to school Background of my family - explain each family member’s job and if they are married, living with parents or living on their own Explain what are your interests and hobbies

3rd Paragraph:

School summary - My academic background

- High School: put year when O-level and A-level completed (put subject and results) - Higher Level studies (dates completed)
- Other Certificates/Diplomas etc (included dates completed) - IELTS? (date awarded)
- Explain if any courses/diplomas/extra classes taken in English and list these

List work experience
- Job, title and working dates for each job
- Give websites, visiting card, work ID or photos of current job


Then relate how your current job (existing or planned) will be able to benefit from these overseas studies – how will you use this qualification?

4th Paragraph:

Why not study in Sri Lanka?

Give reasons why you could not study this qualification in Sri Lanka (i.e. could not get University entrance in Sri Lanka and this will be the pathway) Why are you only studying this qualification now (reasons for not being able to study before overseas or at University)

Very important: Give an introduction why student have decided to study overseas. Don’t just say you have selected New Zealand, FIRST say WHY you want to study overseas, THEN do the next summary paragraph of WHY You have chosen New Zealand.

Why I want to study in NZ?

Start paragraph with something like: From all the other English speaking countries...
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