Steps in a Research Process

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Steps in a Research Process
There are many models available and taught concerning how to conduct a research process. Therefore, the process presented here is only one of many; however, it is a tried and proven process. Step 1: Decide on a topic

Step 2: Develop an overview of the topic
Step 3: Determine the information requirements
Step 4: Organize the information
Step 5: Analyze and evaluate the information
Step 6: Synthesize the information
Step 7: Communicate/present the research

Step 1: Decide on a topic
To begin, state the research question, problem or issue. Then, develop a topic and thesis. • topic = a broadly defined subject area.
• formulate a question = find a narrower perspective or focus on the topic by asking a series of questions about the topic. • thesis statement = answer you suspect to find or points you will argue about the topic question.

Step 2: Develop an overview of the topic
This step is most often ignored, but is one of the most important. It will help you to: • develop an overview of your topic
• gather background information
• refine your topic

Step 3: Determine the information requirements
Learn what specific resources are available concerning your topic: • meet with a reference librarian
• find books using keyword or subject searching in the library's online catalog • find resources via the World Wide Web

Step 4: Organize the information
Know when to stop searching for information and start thinking about what your compiled information means. This is also one of the most important steps for ethically using information and avoiding plagiarism. • make sure you write down where you found any information in case you have to review it again. You will also need this information for references and your list of works cited. • using complete citation information when compiling information will save you time when writing your paper • think over the ideas you read from the sources used, and...
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