Steve Job's Standford Graduation Speech

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Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple and Pixar, could captivate an audience when he spoke; his address to the graduates of Stanford’s 2005 class was no different. Jobs’s commencement address covered concepts ranging from love, to fate, to death, all of which were conveyed through three stories. The three stories’ overarching topic was that of happily living life by your own playbook. Jobs’s first allegory talked about fate and how everything happens for a reason; the second dealt with doing what you love in life. Jobs’s concluding story is about death and how it should not only direct your life, but can make it easier too. The purpose of Steve Jobs’s address, specifically the concepts of fate, love and death, is to inform the graduates how to live a happy life. A happy life is sought by everyone, and Steve Jobs’s commencement address provides a template for a happy life and how he attained it through the concepts fate, love and death.

Whether you are a believer in acceptance or hard determinism, you either have an agenda for life or trust life has a plan for you. Regardless of which you believe, life will run its course. Seemingly inconsequential decisions that currently appear “hopeless of any practical application” can spontaneously influence life later on (Jobs). One of Steve Jobs’s then impractical decisions was attending calligraphy classes at Reed College. Unrecognized to him, those calligraphy courses would prove monumental when developing the topography to be intergraded in Macintosh (Jobs). Chalking something up to fate can only be done by “connecting the dots” through past experiences and determining if they were positive or negative occurrences (Jobs). The only influence in perhaps swaying the amount of positives that occur during a lifetime is with love.

Jobs put an enormous emphasis on how he relies on love and compassion to drive his goals and aspirations. Following what makes you happy, or your “curiosity and intuition”, allows your true...

Cited: Steve, Jobs. "How to live before you die." 2005 Stanford University commencement speech. Stanford, California. 14 Jun 2005. Speech.
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