Steve Jobs’ Leadership Traits, Skills and Behaviors

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Steve Jobs’ leadership traits, skills and behaviors
Leadership Traits
1) High energy level & stress tolerance
* Steve Jobs was a leader who always has high energy level to achieve his goals and objectives and he will never give up easily. He was an aggressive leader who will spend most his time and energy which are necessary to accomplish his visions. This is proven based on his willingness to still be committed with his interest in Apple although he was diagnosed with cancer and recommended to be on a long medical leave. * He constantly inspires dedication among his team members by example, doing whatever it takes to complete the next step toward his visions. For instance, by setting an excellent example, he able to prove to his followers that there are no nine-to-five jobs on the team, but only opportunities to achieve something great if they have passion in what they are doing. * Besides that, he also has high stress tolerance level which helped him to overcome difficult situations in his career life. For example, when he returned to Apple in 1996 as advisor, the company was going through a downturn but he managed to brought the company from near bankruptcy to profitability although he faced many difficulties and threats from external environment. 2) High self confidence

* A good leader will always have a high self-confidence and think positively to ensure the success of the team as leadership is all about having the confidence to make decisions and face the consequences. * Steve Jobs was a leader who has a very high self-confidence which enables him to beef up the enthusiasm of his employees in terms of their mind and job involvement to achieve more by doing seemingly impossible tasks, and also convince their customers to buy Apple products. * He has high self-confidence on all his visions and he never afraid to make decisions as he always think positively and willing to face the risks. * For example, he had encouraged his team members to trust in their gut, destiny and life which will give them the confidence to follow their heart. 3) Strong internal locus of control orientation

* Leaders who have strong internal locus of control orientation believe that they are responsible for their own success and Steve Jobs was one of them as he always perceived that outcomes of his business result from his own actions and behaviors. Due that factor, he always likes to micromanage his team to ensure that their contributions are according to his criteria. He believed that he can influence his own destiny based on his future oriented perspectives. * Steve Jobs exerted his control over every aspect of the business to ensure perfection in all his missions. For example, he had threw out two prototypes of the iPhone before accepting the third as he was a not a kind of leader who will easily buy in with the ideas of his team members. In his career life, he had typically vetoed many of his associates’ suggestions just because that it didn’t favor of his own gut instinct. * Besides that, Jobs's control has been even extended as far as the design of the company bus and the food served at the cafeteria in Apple.

4) High achievement orientation
* Effective leaders will encourage and support their followers in achieving the goals which they have set by making the path that they should take clear and easy. * Steve Jobs was a very achievement oriented leader, which is one of the critical requirements of successful leadership. * He was technology visionary leader and a demanding perfectionist who always aspire to position his business and products at the frontline of the information technology industry. * He always challenged his team members to be creative and think innovatively in order to support his passion for developing top quality products. * Based on this trait, he abled to lead Apple to invent products which are highly unimaginable in terms of style and innovation.

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