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Steve Jobs leadership style: a lesson for business or an inconvenient strategy?

Table of Contents
Who was Steve Jobs?2
An addicted Perfectionist2
Failing made him stronger.3
An unique CEO4
Steve Jobs insanity generated special and different abilities.7

Who was Steve Jobs?

If asked who Steve Jobs is, most people would be shocked. They would say: “Everyone knows who Steve Jobs is!” Steve Jobs was an American entrepreneur and was best known as the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. He had a great impact worldwide by producing products that were not mas productive but they were special to the people’s needs. When he became the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs enabled the success and development of Apple. The success of the products invented and design by him made Apple a very secure company with high financial return and a worldwide success. What Steve Jobs used to be is what Apple Inc. still is: a well-developed successful company where innovation and insane decisions are always present. Having this kind of leadership many raise a question. Is Steve Jobs leadership style a lesson to the world of business or is it inconvenient to use it. Steve Jobs was arrogant, sarcastic, he really was insane but he loved his job and this made him a unique leadership and extremely popular. His inventions and innovations were his belief. An addicted Perfectionist

From the publication in the newspapers we can say that Steve Jobs was a perfectionist, which is reflected in every product he produced and the computers, tablets he had for his personal usage. At one point of his career he was investing money in unseen things such as the inners parts of his invention making them futuristic and perfect (Perfect from his point of view). This event was published in “THE WALL STREET JOURNAL” on Thursday, November 1, 2012. His innovations were his life, the technology fascinated him and every technological product that surrounded him had to be perfect. He enjoyed beauty and not only from outside but from inside as well. No one was going to see what was under the label of his computer; however, perfection was important to him. He did not want to create big things what he wanted was to create good, perfect products. (beck) Failing made him stronger.

What made him special is that Steve Jobs was a powerful business man that never gave up from the complex and hard competition of the market. When we think about him the first thing that comes in people minds is the great creation of Macintosh desktop which revolutionized the world of computers. He was the first person to introduce the mouse for computers which helped everyone surf through software’s much easier, reducing the time needed for complex action. His fame grew bigger when Apple. Inc went out of bankruptcy through his special abilities to innovate the corporation products. However his life history does not start with the production of Apple Inc. Before Macintosh Steve Jobs with his partner architected Lisa; a computer introduced in 1980 which coasted many millions of dollars and was a complete failure. Lisa was the reason why Steve Jobs was left without a job in 1980’s. (Mataconis) His interest towards technology grew day to day, despite, his previous failures in the field of computer. Instead of giving up he created the NeXT Computer Inc. in 1985. The sales of Next Computer Inc. were not very as high as they were expected; however, it showed high perspective for his future career. In December 1996 NeXT was purchased from Apple. At this moment Steve Jobs came again working for apple and the system he created for NeXT was run by Apple Inc. in the following years. The program which NeXT was operation was called OPENSTEP which...

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