Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs

Daniel Boehni

Mr. Bishop
Intro to Engineering
October 16, 2012
Early Life
Steve Jobs the son of Paul and Clara Jobs was born on February 24th 1955 in San Francisco. Steve only had one sibling named Mona. Steve’s life as a child was a little different than others because he spent his days studying and rarely spent time with friends outside of school. He attended Monta Loma Elementary School, Cupertino Middle School, and Home Stead High School. Once Steve finished high school in 1972, he went to Reed College where he only studied for two years. In the summer of 1974 Steve dropped out to visit India and study western religions. During his college years Steve joined a group called Homebrew Computer Club.

Beginning of Apple
One of the club members, Steve Wozniak was trying to build a small computer. Steve Jobs became so interested in this idea that they teamed up and started Apple Computer Company. The name “Apple” Came from Steve Jobs because it reminded him of the summer he spent picking apples. They raised $1,300 by selling a microbus and a calculator. They sold circuit boards while they were working on the computer prototype (Apple I). During this era computers were expensive and humongous so Steve decided that they should focus on making a computer that is more individually based. This computer was known as Apple II and came out in 1977. In the first year alone they made $2.7 million in sales, but in the third year they made about $200 million in sales.

What Made Steve Steve
Steve was well known for his articulate abilities and his ability to sell almost anything. Steve was also very creative and ingenuitive when it came to finding problematic solutions. He also had a “get it done attitude” he would try and try again even if he fail.

Steve Jobs didn’t stop after creating Apple, he went on to create another computer company by the name of NeXT. This company designed computer programs that were known to be...

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