Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs has been labeled a visionary by many, and rightfully so. Though he may not be the tech celebrity that he once was, nor is his name any longer so strongly associated with the basic, commonplace components of software and hardware design that he helped to pioneer and that computer users the world over take for granted, the charismatic, passionately counterculture chief executive officer of Apple Computer was once the most important individual in Silicon Valley and even today dictates the trends and, some would say, overall health of the industry, continuing to drive innovation. Steven Paul Jobs was born an orphan on February 24, 1955 in Los Altos, California. Steve Jobs was adopted from infancy by a Northern California machinist named Paul Jobs and an accountant Clara Jobs, both now deceased. Being mostly a typical boy Steve did well in school with no disciplinary problems to speak of. He was a person that was not easy to get to know, he guarded himself carefully, which is something he still does today. His girlfriend from Homestead High School in Cupertino California remembered him saying, ?Someday I will be a millionaire? in a completely serious manner. Steve would talk about the future a lot and was usually involved in some form of a crusade over one thing or another. Steve?s obsessive personality meshed quite well with his best friend Steve Wozniak whom he called ?Woz.? Steve Wozniak was a brilliant engineer and is responsible for some amazingly complex circuitry designs for computers. Woz was a prankster and a happy go lucky guy where as Steve Jobs was a motivator and usually serious. The two Steve?s were great friends since high school and still are friends today. After a brief one-semester stay at Reed College in Oregon; Steve Jobs sold his VW Bus and used the money saved from working at Atari (A computer game company) to travel to India. Steve went to India in search of spiritual enlightenment and guidance. He trekked around India with a shaven head and returned to California where he worked on a Communal farm in apple orchards. After the short time spent working on the farm he found that his friend Woz was working at Hewlett-Packard and building computers to impress pals at the Homebrew Computer Club. Wozniak was regarded as an engineering genius and soon Jobs realized the brilliance that Woz possessed. Jobs began attending Homebrew meetings with Woz; by doing this they both made some inner circle names for themselves. At Homebrew hobbyists from around the area would bring in their latest inventions, trying to outdo each other all in good fun. But Wozniak had created a computer that Jobs saw as more than just fun; he thought this latest invention would attract a far wider audience than hobbyists. Jobs persuaded his friend into launching a business together. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple Computer in Jobs? garage on April Fools day in 1976. The name Apple Computer comes from the pleasant summer job Steve had while working in an apple orchard. Little did Wozniak know that this company was not going to be a joke. Steve Jobs was totally convinced that the future of computers was for home users and education, something that when said to industry executives they would scoff at such a proposition. Mike Markkula, a former Intel board member was looking for a venture opportunity and when he heard about and then met Steve Jobs, he was convinced Apple would be a winner. Mike took the Mom and Pop operation that Apple was and invested $250,000 into the upstart company. Having the luxury of starting in obscurity and brainstorming with Steve Wozniak, as the legend goes, Jobs built the Apple I in his parents garage, during the early 1970?s the most affordable personal computer of its time?in truth, it wasn?t much more than an assembly-required toolkit, consisting of a motherboard, crucial components, and a small frame, but its ?cheaper-than-hell? $666 price tag put it in the hands of masses. Later, the duo...
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