Steve Jobs

Topics: Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Steve Jobs: The Brilliant Mind Behind Apple – By Anthony Imbimbo

The Apple Company was founded by a few people, which includes Steve Jobs, the CEO of the company. This biography, Steve Jobs: The Brilliant Mind Behind Apple, is a very well-written book that clearly describes Steve’s childhood and his life thoroughly. It shows from the day Steve was born to the eighth year of the second millennium. In addition, it has many interesting facts about computers and a lot of definitions of business terms. Equally important, the book includes real interviews with some people such as Steve Wozniak, another cofounder of Apple Computer.

After reading the book, I found out why Steve Jobs is such a famous, admirable, and an inspiring person. Not only he is the cofounder and CEO of Apple Company, he is also extremely industrious and never gives up. I always admired Steve Jobs because he is rich and is head of Apple Company but now the book has changed my opinion about him. First of all, Steve Jobs is very inspiring to me because he always tries to do something new, such as inventing new things or being unique. Also, to repeat myself, he never gives up. Although I don’t want to be an inventor or electronic-related person, I really admire him. I want to experience new things and never give up on anything I start and eventually, I will become like him. Since Steve Jobs is a great person, he didn’t make many mistakes. The biggest and the only mistake he made was when he resigned from Apple around 1980s. The reason was that the San Francisco Trade Show was coming soon and he didn’t have enough time to make new computers so he rushed to finish it by San Francisco Trade Show. (A show where companies introduce new invented software and computers) He could have just not gone that year, but he insisted to go. Due to that, Apple had more expenses than profit. The sales of the new computers didn’t go well and that was why he resigned from Apple. From that, I learned never to rush...
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