Steve Jobs: An Overrated Death

Topics: Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., Apple II series Pages: 4 (1268 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Steve Jobs, the Genius Behind Revolutionary Products
An essay on the article “Steve Jobs: An Overrated Death - He Did Not Invent a Thing” by C.J. Thomson, 2011

When Steve Jobs died on October 5th, 2011, you could see people mourning in front of Apple Stores, putting down flowers or outdated apple devices to show their affection to this death. Steve jobs had a lot of fans, but did they overreact? Is this collective mourning and the piles of flowers, cards, outdated apple gadgets and candles too much of a reaction on the death of a company’s CEO? This essay discusses the question whether Steve Jobs death was completely overrated or if he was the visionary CEO who really changed the world. Steve Jobs did not invent the Apple computer, nor the iPod, he was just the CEO and marketer of Apple. In the first days of his company, Steve Wozniak was the person who took care of the technical innovations of Apple, Jobs only helped to solder the parts together and sell their computers to a local computer store (Isaacson, 2011). Througout the histor of the company, Jobs was the one to be obsessed with the way of marketing the products and their looks, rather than any technical contribution. Nevertheless, the special looks and minor technical features, Jobs contributed, are a big part of the sucess of the apple products, especially the the Apple II and the first iMac, two groundbreaking devices at that time, saved the company from finacial troubles. Steve Jobs had unsufficient knowlege of computer hardware to ever invent such a device, but he had the guts to go public with the first Apple computer and from there on always think a bit further in terms of usability, economical use of resources and design. In the end, these are the two main factors why people buy Apple products. The design is unconventional and innovative and devices are easy to use and intuitive, they are mostly shipped without any instructions. This was, and still is, trendsetting in the computer- (nowadays...

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