Steve Jobs, an Unconventional Leader

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Steve Jobs Broke Every Leadership Rule. Don't Try It Yourself. gslusherInteresting, but written by someone who, apparently, has never been a leader of anything. Of course, the author is really no worse than the people who writ [...]Frederick E. Allen, Forbes StaffI couldn’t agree more that there are no universal rules. I just think that in the wide range of leaders and leadership styles, Steve Jobs is an extreme out [...]jrobertOn the contrary, there are are indeed universal rules for successful leadership. Corporate management from CEO to lead positions should certainly take a nu [...]kenroberts83I would say that you’re right to an extent, in that someone who is already an established CEO would have little to learn from Jobs. However, the rest of us [...]Frederick E. Allen, Forbes Staffkenroberts83 I think that’s an especially perceptive comment among all the very perceptive comments here. Thanks.tagnameeI have long thought that the term, Notorious, applied to charismatic leaders. Apple techies and just general followers listening and hanging on every word. [...]annibalabreuThat’s true! You must know your customers. Most CEOs don’t. They rely on others to make things and most of them don’t put their hands on.lazyposterGslusher hit the general issue square on the head, an excellent post. Let us look at the specifics. 37 comments, 32 called-out

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Joe Nocera observes in The New York Times today that Steve Jobs violated every rule of management. He was not a consensus-builder but a dictator who listened mainly to his own intuition. He was a maniacal micromanager. He had an astonishing aesthetic sense, which businesspeople almost always lack. He could be absolutely brutal in meetings: I watched him eviscerate staff members for their “bozo ideas.” . . . He never mellowed, never let up on Apple employees, never stopped relying on his singular...
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