Steve Jobs and Apple

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Dominique McCraven
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Professor Dr. Dupree

Above other companies why do people chose apple products?

Topic: Steve Jobs and Apple

General Purpose: Explain the distinction of Apple products.

Specific Purpose: To inform the general public of the reasons why consumers predominantly prefer to use Apple products rather than competing corporations’ products.

Thesis Statement: The Apple Corporation exceeds competing companies in product sales because of the company’s high recognition as a top selling brand, along with the dependability of its product and the technological innovations it consistently provides for consumers.

Above all technological products available on the open market why it is that customers’ continually use apple products? What keeps customers constantly coming back for these amazing products? Most people that buy these technologically advanced. Products will stay it’s a popular name brand, it’s a dependable brand, and it’s technologically innovative. To my knowledge that is want sells, because everyone likes name brand things, and the primary reason you would buy this product is because you know it will be a dependable and technologically innovative, since everyone knows that Apple is one of a kind. In 2010 apple reports record sales. Apple reported record breaking sales at the closing of its fiscal year 2010 third quarter. With four billion dollars in cash generated through that quarter alone, apple had hopes to make over eighteen billion dollars at the completion of that year 2010.So in regards to the technological field apple products rank number one in style and in the dependability. People love name brand things, I love name brand things. Apple has a unique style to its products most of which are sleek and light weight, you have a variety of colors, and also it is so much to do with these amazing products its crazy. Incessantly known for its remarkable redesign of the cellphone, which Steve...
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