Steve Jobs and Cultural Leadership

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What did you learn about the type of culture that existed in the organization of Steve Jobs as presented in the video? How does he make explicit those aspects of organization that are typically implicit? How did he exhibit cultural leadership?

“You got to love the work that you do….as in all matters of the heart, you gotta keep looking. Do not settle. Live each day, as if it were your last.”These are few of the striking words of famous CEO of Apple and Pixar, Steve Jobs as he addressed a group of Stanford graduates in 2005. As what the culture in the organization for which Steve Jobs brought forth into the world of technology showed, it has emanated from the high performance culture which draws power within each and every employee. It obviously had a very strong leadership culture that propelled the organization; otherwise it wouldn’t be as successful as it is today. The Performance Orientation as its Value Dimension is evident in the way the company looked at the individual employees in the organization. It is very apparent in the speech of Steve Jobs as he called on to the graduates to pursue one’s dreams and never settles until he finds the right job or person or aspiration for himself. Apple culture, as evidenced by the successes that brought it to being one of the best companies in the world has a high propensity to succeed with the culture of discipline, efficiency and creativity. Unlike other organizations with open systems such Android and Microsoft which uses standard technologies to adapt into the world, Apple has a very Close system in which they do not assimilate to the outside world, rather because of its creativity and the new things that it introduces, the world assimilates itself to Apple. Even China, which has a very traditional way of taking new things, came to be one of the biggest Apple markets covering about 20% of Apple’s profit. This is one of the most mysterious and yet...
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