Steve Jobs Case Analysis

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Executive Summary
I have been assigned to develop a document of synopsis of the article “Steve Jobs – The Silicon Valley Pioneer” by our respected tutor Mr. Adnan Rafiq. I have worked all alone on this document. This article is written by V. Sarvani for the purpose of class discussion about an entrepreneur Mr. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple Computers. He exposed the early life and later life achievements of Steve to a proper know how about the topic that how Steve built the Apple empire and lead other businesses. Moreover, it also discusses his ousted from the Apple and reasons behind his return to Apple Computers.

Steve Jobs became a very famous person as a rock star in 1970s through his amazing skills of being an entrepreneur. He made many successful businesses including the Apple computers. He initiated personal computer (PC) which got a lot of appreciation. He also established entrepreneurial ventures like “Pixar Animation” and “Next” which also have great popularity. Many magazines, newspapers and other media gave him importance throughout the decade of 1970s. However, the board of Apple expelled Steve from Apple Computers in 1983 and after that Apple faced many problems and loses, which compelled the board to appoint Steve back as CEO in September, 1997. And the current statistics prove the abilities and skills of Steve that he really is an entrepreneur. Steve learned about electronics from an engineer named Larry Lang got some understanding about the electronic gadgets causing his interest towards it and building more confidence. His performance during the education in School was outstanding that even the School decided to promote him to high standard but his parents only allowed skipping only one standard. Later on, his parents moved to California where he learned more about electronics and did started job in HP and he also worked later in Atari Inc. After visit from India his concept of electronic gadgets got more speed which caused the...
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