Steve Jobs Character Traits

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Steve Jobs
The 24th day of February, 1955 was the birth day of Steve Jobs in San Francisco, California. After birth, Paul and Clara Jobs immediately adopted him. Steve had one sister by the name Patty. He used to find it fun to fix cars from a young age and also had an interest in machines. In the year 1961, he and his family changed location to Mountain View, still in California. At this time, this area was rapidly developing as an electronics centre. It was around this time that people coined the name Silicon Valley for the area because of silicon which was an integral part in the manufacture of electronic parts (Schonfeld, TechCrunch). Steve was a solitary being, preferring to do things on his own. Though he used to swim on a competitive basis, he showed no interest in the group activities or team sports that others engaged in. His main interest lay in gadgetry and electronics. At one point, most of his time was in a neighbour’s garage workshop. This neighbour was an electronics manufacturer at Hewlett-Packard. It was also around this time that he sought enrolment into the Hewlett-Packard Explorer Club. He got to witness, first hand, the novel products that electronic engineers introduced to the market. At age twelve, he laid his eyes on his first computer. From that point on, he was intrigued by it and this lay the foundation of his relationship with computers. He made an observation in the computer market, which he intended to fill. During those times, the computers in use were mainframes, which were extremely huge and expensive. However, advancements in the electronics market saw them getting smaller and more powerful in terms of its usage (Schonfeld, TechCrunch). April Fools’ Day of 1976 saw the birth of the Apple Computer. On this day, Wozniak, Ron Wayne and Steve Jobs appended their signatures on the papers that authorised the formation of the company. Within 12 days, Wayne pulled out citing a financial risk that... [continues]
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