Steve Jobs Commencement Speech

Topics: Steve Jobs, Macintosh, 2008 singles Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: July 1, 2013
Siddhant Jain
Professor Chocos
Freshmen English 102
February 6, 2013
Do What You Love
“ There are three apples important in this world, Adam’s apple, Newton’s apple and Steve’s apple”. This was one of the lines quoted by Steve Jobs in one of his speeches, which signified the level of confidence and faith he had in his work. The only way to be satisfied is to do great work, which can be attained only by loving your own work. This was the main idea of his commencement speech in Stanford University. He was a born hero as even after going through serious difficulties in his career life, he still had that faith and confidence in himself, which made him the CEO of a two billion dollar company. He dropped out from college at the age of twenty, which was one of the best things that ever happened to him. He could indulge himself in the activities that attracted him so he learned calligraphy and ten years later used this creativity in designing his first Macintosh computer. By the end of his speech in the Stanford University he stated “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” As far as my opinion is concerned, I believe that by this line he meant that however successful a person becomes in life, he/she should never be proud of themselves and should try and grasp as much knowledge as they can. In a way he even meant that being the richest man in the cemetery is not another name for being successful, rather being knowledgeable is something that matters more. We should never be satisfied with our knowledge as the world is very big and our brain is too small to be aware of everything. Staying hungry meant that we should always be looking for more and more whereas staying foolish meant that we should never try to make people believe that we know everything. Be calm and let people think whatever they want to, as showing off our knowledge would do us no good. Success and failure, both depend on the work you do and doing what you love will bring...
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