Steve Jobs Essay

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Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in Los Altos, California. He is Co-founder, Chairman, and former CEO of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak high school friends and both college dropouts joined together to start Apple Computer in 1976. They are credited for inventing the first computer for home use. They made it possible for people to have a computer anywhere in their home, or on an office desk, where previously a single computer took up a whole room. There creation changed the world. However Steve Jobs didn’t change what was in the products but how they looked, functioned, and what they meant.

In 1776 the Apple I was finished being created. Jobs and Wozniak had spent six months creating the prototype of the Apple I in a garage. Originally they had hoped to sell the PC to other members in the Homebrew Computer Club, which they were a part of, however because Wozniak was an employee of HP to produce electronic devices professionally, he had to get a legal release from HP. So instead of asking for the release form they offered the PC to Hewlett Packard first. But no one at HP was interested in it. Since they were turned down Jobs insisted on producing the Apple I on their own. Jobs sold his old Volkswagen Bus and Wozniak sold his programmable HP calculator and together they accumulated around $1,250. They began to produce the first Apple I mainboards. Jobs, Wozniak, and Wayne a former colleague from Atari, faced one problem that could have kept them from going ahead with production. They did not have enough money to make the 50 computers that a local store “Byte Shop” wanted to order. Each Apple I would cost $100 dollars to build and sell for $666.66. Job’s keen business sense pushed him to convince a local parts supplier to give him the parts on a 30 day net credit. They completed building the computers in their garage in 10 days and delivered on their first order. In May 1976, HP finally granted Wozniak permission for the Apple I. After the success...
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