Steve Jobs-Influence Paper

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, Personal computer Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Natalie Erdman
AP Lang
21 October 2013
Steve Jobs: An Influence on Technology
How would you feel living a day without using any technology? Living without technology would be totally impossible. It has become an everyday necessity as more and more people are trying to improve their ways of living and staying informed using current technology in an effort to avoid being left behind. Steve Jobs had a vision-- a vision that would make the world an easier place to live. The world has become more technologically advanced because of the influence of Steve Jobs. As an entrepreneur, marketer, inventor and CEO, his vision has helped the world see the many possibilities that future holds.

The multi-millionaire dollar empire that we know as Apple today started in the garage of Jobs’ parents. In 1975, Jobs and his friend, Steve Wozniak began building a prototype computer. One year later, this garage computer was dubbed “Apple I”. It was the first of its kind-- a personal computer. Less than two years later the Apple Inc. rolled out with Apple II which became the first widely-used personal computer in the world. Computers, previously common only to businesses, were now accessible to the average person. Personal computers changed the way people shared information; people could now communicate through email, and other online chatting sites, and by putting a personal computer in a person’s home they are able to access these utilities.

In 1983, Apple released ‘Lisa’, a true innovation of its day. Lisa was the first mouse-controlled computer. The Apple Lisa was immediately recognized as a significant machine. The Lisa software, in combination with an Apple dot-matrix printer, could produce documents that surpassed other comparably priced options available at the time. This one compelling usage meant that the Lisa was introduced into a number of larger offices-- due to the price-- the number of people who had used a Lisa was much larger than the number of Lisas...
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