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Steve Jobs is the CEO at Apple. Jobs founded Apple in 1976, and the company has developed into a major force within the electronics industry. Much of the success of the company has been due to the leadership of Steve Jobs. He has the personal attributes which are needed in order to be a successful leader, for example he is smart, communicative and is a great co-ordinator. However, there are limitations to Jobs leadership at Apple with factors such as shareholders,  corporate governance, corporate social responsibility policies and critical management studies all factors which restrict his leadership to an extent.

Due to what Steve Jobs has achieved in his career, and his leadership style, this has made him a hugely well liked man. An example of this popularity is, “ Steve Jobs is thought of very highly not just by those within his industry, but the wider business community. Even Bill Gates, seen as Jobs’ nemesis, has a great deal of respect for his rival. “ ( ). This portrays how highly Jobs is regarded, and the degree of appreciation which he has exerted from others. Steve Jobs is seen as an idol and role model in the eyes of many people.

Steve Jobs is an ethical leader. He does a lot of good out with the business scene. Jobs got highly involved in trying to get a living organ donor registry for California, with Jobs joining the governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger in introducing the legislation. The perception among people is that Steve Jobs played a prominent role in getting the legislation passed. An example of this recognition is, “ the idea of a registry for living kidney donors only gained enough political support from Alquist’s senate colleagues and the governor to make it into the formal bill this past March thanks to one man : Apple CEO Steve Jobs. “ ( ). This shows that Jobs is an ethical leader, as it is not only within Apple he strives for improvement, but outside Apple, he strives to improve issues which he feels should be bettered and which are beneficial to communities.

The type of culture which Steve Jobs has created at Apple is Organizational. According to Edgar Schein, who is a highly respected man having made a mark in organizational development, organizational culture is about being creative and developing inventive products, for example, “ Inspired by Schein’s thinking and that of other management gurus’, managers wholeheartedly embraced the idea of organizational culture during the 1980’s to the point where you were nobody unless you were working on creating a dynamic and innovative corporate culture. “ ( Jackson and Parry, 2008; p.65 ). This is exactly the style of leadership which Jobs has put into place at Apple, as he constantly strives to bring out premium products of huge quality. He endeavours to develop unique products which have never been seen before, to gain a competitive advantage.

The cultural dimension of leadership at Apple is Collectivism. Jobs has created a structure within the company whereby all members of a team work hard of each other, and also where each team leader manages his or her team effectively. The Collectivism dimension is described as, “ In collectivist societies leaders will be expected to keep the good of the in – group uppermost in their minds. “ ( Jackson and Parry, 2008; p.70 ). This is the dimension of leadership in place at Apple as Steve Jobs has the ability to praise employees in areas in which they have done a good job, and tries to keep a positive mentality across the team.

Steve Jobs possesses positive leadership attributes, for example, he is intelligent, he has a dynamic personality and he is a motivational leader. An example of his impressive...

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