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Difficult words/phrases
True or false statements
Early life
Founding of Apple
Founding of NeXT Inc.
Founding of Pixar
Return to Apple
Menagement style
Health issues and death
True or false statements

Difficult words/phrases

dropping out – To withdraw from participation,
as in a game, club, or school.
to lure - Something that tempts or attracts with
the promise of pleasure or reward.
struggle - To contend or compete
to terminate - To bring to an end or halt
pancreas – trzustka
liver – wątroba
relapse - To regress after partial recovery from
Respiratory arrest - the cessation of breathing

True or false statements
Jobs was given away for adoption
 Jobs co-founded Pepsi-Cola
 Pixar made the first animated cinema
 Disney published Pixar movies
 Jobs earned only 1$ a year as CEO in
 Jobs menagement style was passive
and undemanding

Early life

Born 1955 in San Francisco

Adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs

Moved at the age of 5 to Mountain View

Graduated High School in 1972

Dropped out of College after only one

Founding of Apple

In 1976 Jobs, Steve Wozniak and
Ronald Wayne founded Apple

1983 Jobs lured John Sculley away
from Pepsi-Cola

1984 first Macintosh

Internal power struggle between Jobs
and Sculley

Founding of Apple

Jobs called a board meeting to resolve
the problem

Board of directors sided with Sculley
and removed Jobs from his duties

Jobs resigned five months later and
founded NeXT Inc. the same year

Founding of NeXT Inc.

Founded 1985 by Jobs

NeXT first workstations released in 1990

In 1993 transitioned to software

First profit of 1.03 million in 1994

Apple acquired NeXT in 1997

Founding of Pixar

1986 Jobs bought The Graphics Group

The first animated movie – Toy story –
released in 1995

2004 Jobs announced that Pixar would
seek a new partner to distribute their films

Founding of Pixar
 2006

Disney purchased Pixar in an
all-stock transaction worth $7.4billion

 Jobs

joined the companys board of
directors upon completion of the

Return to Apple

Since Apple bought NeXT in 1997, Jobs
became again a part of the company he

Jobs became interim chief executive, but de
facto CEO

Terminated many projects and started new

Sales increased significantly

Return to Apple

2001 release of the first iPod

2003 opening of the iTunes Store

2007 the first iPhone was launched

Jobs resigned as 2011 CEO due to poor


Jobs earned only 1$ a year as CEO of
Apple, but held 5.5million Apple shares
as well as 138 million shares in Disney

Forbes estimated his net wealth at
8.3billion in 2010 (42nd wealthiest

Management style

He was a demanding perfectionist

Aspired that his products to be at the
forefront of the information technology by
foreseeing and setting trends

Commentaries on his temperamental,
aggressive and demanding style can be
found in many books

Health issues and death

In 2003 Jobs was diagnosed with
pancreas cancer, the prognosis is
usually very poor

In 2004 he had and operation, which
appeared to be successfull

2009 he announced a six-month leave
of absence to focus on his health

Health issues and death
2009 he underwent a liver
transplant, his prognosis was
described as excellent
 August 2011, he announced his
resignation as Apple`s CEO
 Steve Jobs died at his California
home on October 5, 2011, due
to complications from relapse of
his previous pancreatic cancer,
resulting in respiratory arrest.

True or false statements
Jobs was given...
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