Steve Jobs Stanford Speech

Topics: Steve Jobs Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: December 13, 2012
D’Andrea Haynes
Professor Lany
SPC 2608
12 December 2012
Steve Jobs: 2005 Stanford Commencement Address
Steve jobs gives the commence speech at Stanford University. The commence ceremony is held outside on the football field and it appears very hot. I think Steve audience analysis was done and done very well. Is speech was sport and to the point. He told the audience that he would tell 3 short stories from his life and that would be it. Several times he mentions that cost of the school being expensive and his parent uses their life saving and their sacrifice. This is a nod to the parent in the stand that has come to see their child graduate.

For a commencement speech the choice of topic is limited. However Job’s choice of topic was surprise inspiring. Job didn’t discuss successes but his failure and hardship. Steve job organize his speech in 3 parts. Each part would be a story from his life. Within the stories he gives example and supporting details from his life. The first story is about connecting the dots. He admits to being a college dropout and that dropping out was the best this for him. Since he drop out he could drop in on the classes thought were interesting and fascinating to take. He give proof by explain that if it was for him take a him dropping in on a Calligraphy course he thought was fascinating he never would have created Typography(font ) on the Macintosh. The second stories are about love and lost. The story is about him being fired from the company he founded. He credit the firing for allow him to find his true loves. His proof is that being fire show him that he loves what he did despite being fired and he keep doing it. He started 2 new companies Next and Pixar and he meet and marry his wife. The third story is about death he tells the student that remember you’ll be dead soon. He tells of how he is gets cancer but the doctors are able to removal the tumor. He ends the speech by telling the student to stay hunger and be foolish...
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