Steve Jobs' style

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Steven Paul Jobs was the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. and also served as a chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios. Steve Jobs made lots of revolutions in the field of personal computers and smart phones.

In the year of 2005, Steve Jobs displayed all unique characteristics and reasons for his success in the "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" speech in Stanford University. After this talk, the whole world recognized him in a detailed way.

Regarding the supervision style, Steve Jobs was not an ordinary leader & manager that found a successful company. The most important thing behind his success was being different from others. He did not apply conventional rules on his job.

He was known as a "high-maintenance co-worker" who demanded excellence from his staff and was also well known with his harsh criticism style. Furthermore, Jobs could even be arrogant, dictatorial, and mean-spirited. However; none of these qualities handicapped his success.

Recently, modern management style defends that effective business leaders need to be nice, kind, humble and practice “servant leadership". I think that even though there were lots of controversies in his style according to modern management, he became a successful leader in his field. Moreover, after his death, his leadership style was shown as an example to all people who want to be leader.

Firstly, he never confused leadership with management. Steve Jobs usually took a hard line with the employees. He thought that he may not be a great manager for this reason he built a stellar team of managers who complemented his style. They all performed well in all conditions. Steve Jobs knew that building a strong management team was crucial to the company's success and gave lots of importance to team work. Since he knew imperfect characteristics of himself in the matter of management or relationships with staff, he was attentive to his team to complement his qualities....
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