Steve Jobs, the Leader of Apple

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Steve jobs, the leader of Apple
In most cases, whenever people here of Steve Jobs, their minds reflect on the Apple company. Actually that is the reality; Steve Jobs is the chairman and the CEO of the Apple Computers Inc., which actually is one of the leading and competent business companies in the world today. He was born in San Francisco, and was an adopted son of the Jobs couple that was from California. He founded the Apple in 1976, whereby the company has tremendously grown, with great achievement up to date. It is vivid that much of the success of the company has been as a result of the leadership skills and techniques that Steve Jobs applied in the company. For example, he is marked to be smart, a great coordinator and communicative. As a result of the great achievement that Steve Jobs has achieved in his career through his leadership style; this has made him popular and the like of the people, especially in the business world. There have been a number of writers who have tried to keep the trends and the traits of Steve Jobs alive. They have written books, articles in the magazines and journals and in the web sites. A good example is Walter Isaacson, who published an article in the Journal of “Advances in Management”. According to Isaacson (2011), the world has not really experienced an individual that has influenced, shaped, defined and reshaped a range of companies in the industrial world today. However, the impact that Steve Jobs has impacted in the business world today is one of its kinds. This has left many people admire him and the way he carries out his activities in his life. Walter Isaacson has presented to somewhat personal as well as public account of an individual who defied conformist leadership technique plus shaped his own paths, directing him to equal measure of both glory and grief (Isaacson, 2011). Jobs developed the skill of simplicity: this greatly influenced the way he carry out his daily tasks and also helped him achieve his great...

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