Steve Jobs Tribute Speech

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It takes a special kind of person to change the world.
• Someone with the ability to bring true innovation to the world and the ability to make a difference. • Someone that can completely change the way we interact with gadgets and computers. That man is Steve Jobs.

• CEO of Apple
• Bad health
o Everyone knew that the time would eventually come, but no one could have predicted that it’d happen so soon. ▪ On October 5th, 2011: Steve Jobs, our generations hero of the technology industry, died. Going to share his journey, because we can all learn something from it.

In 1955, a child that was going to change the world was born • Steve Jobs’ biological mother was very young, unmarried, and fresh out of college. • His biological father was born in Syria, and was the vice president of a Reno, Nevada casino Steve Jobs’ biological mother almost did not sign the adoption papers • Why?

o The adoptive mother actually did not graduate from college o He father did not even complete high school.
• She literally refused to sign them
o Until a few months later, when the parents swore that Steve would eventually attend college. Even though they did not graduate college, his parents were still able to provide for him. • His adopted mother, Clara Jobs, was an accountant

• His adopted father, Paul Jobs, was a coast guard veteran and engineer When Jobs was just a young boy, he and his father would work on electronics in their garage. • This hobby of taking apart and reconstructing products at a young age instilled confidence, dexterity, and mechanical skill into Steve Jobs. He may be intelligent and innovative, but Steve Jobs was a little bit of a nightmare when it came to school when he was young. • He was a prankster that had to be bribed by his teacher to study. o Regardless, his test results were unbelievable ▪ Administrators of his school wanted to bump him ahead to high school, but his parents said no. While attending high school, Steve Jobs spent a great deal of his time at Hewlet-Packard • Here, he met Steve Wozniak, an incredibly smart computer engineer who would later become the co-founder of the Apple company with him. After graduating from high school, Jobs had no clue what he wanted to do with his life • He began to attend courses at Reed College in Portland, Oregon anyway. • Since he was so confused about the direction of his life, Jobs dropped out after one semester o Mainly because he felt like he was wasting his parents and his own money o He still sat in on creative classes at Reed College, and got by on the bare essentials to save his money. Steve Jobs’ first real job was at Atari.

• He was a technician
• Collaborated with his friend Steve Wozniak to make circuit boards for the game “Breakout.” Several months later, he left Atari and travelled to India in search of spiritual enlightenment. • He travelled the continent and experimented with psychedelic drugs. o He tried LSD approximately 15 times in this period, which he claims was a “positive life-changing experience” o Upon his arrival home, he also smoked marijuana 1-2 times weekly with friends ▪ He said the effects it had on him helped him relax and feel creative o He discontinued both of these habits in the 70’s, but never ceases to bring up their importance in his success. • Jobs came back to America as a Buddhist, with traditional Indian clothing, and a shaved head. In 1976, with some inspiration from the founder of Atari, Steve Jobs (who was just 21 years old) founded Apple, with his co worker from HP and Atari, Steve Wozniak. • They were the first two apple employees, and they were working out of Jobs’ family garage in California. • To fund...

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