Steve Jobs a Succsefull Enterprner

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Steve Jobs is well-known as a successful and innovative Entrepreneur. But by his own definitive published statement, Jobs was both an Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur! Steve and Apple made new Technologies available for the masses was material improved by the creativity and innovation of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs, Apple’s Chairman, was specifically helpful in popularizing the term “intrapreneurship.” In a September 30, 1985 “Newsweek” article Jobs said of Intrapreneurship within Apple, “The Macintosh team was what is commonly known as intrapreneurship… a group of people going, in essence, back to the garage, but in a large company.”

Apple Macintosh, an intrapreneurship success
Earlier that year, the February 4, 1985 TIME Magazine’s article, “Here come the Intrapreneurs” discussed the intrapreneurial spirit. The article included the creation of Apple, Saturn within General Motors, as well as intrapreneurship ventures within AT&T, Data General, DuPont, and Texas Instruments. As a side note, Apple Computer itself was potentially an intrapreneurial venture, as it was an outgrowth of two big corporation employees. Steve Jobs had worked at Atari and Steve Wozniak (“Woz”) worked at Hewlett Packard part-time when he and Steve Jobs were first experimented with creating “personal computer.” Because of his employment agreement with HP Wozniak actually had presented his prototype “personal computer” to an HP executive. Fortunately for “Woz” and Jobs the HP Executive unilaterally rejected the idea with a comment to the effect of “what would ordinary people do with a computer?” On hearing the good news of the HP rejection Jobs is reported to have said, “We’re on our way!” Later, in the early 1980’s Steve Jobs and his handpicked group of twenty Apple Computer engineers separated themselves from the other Apple employees to innovatively and intrapreneurially create the Apple Macintosh Computer (the “Mac”). Some ay that this creative, intrapreneurial and very independent...
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