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Devon Bartholf
3 October 2013

ELON—The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak described the original goal behind his inventions in simple terms yesterday afternoon, emphasizing the importance of creativity and innovation in a technical environment.

Wozniak gave the address at Elon University’s Fall Convocation, opening up with one of his key points. “I was basically making the world less ugly and making the computer usable by people,” said Wozniak. “We knew we had the product that would change the world.”

It took the work of both Wozniak and Steve Jobs to craft Apple Computer Inc. with the creation of Apple I and II, the company’s first line of products launched in 1976 and 1977.

Wozniak spent the entirety of his education from elementary all the way through high school learning about electronics. A self-described “social outsider,” Wozniak’s introverted personality led him to build his own ideas and dive into logical thinking, which he found that passion exactly.

“I began reading about computers,” said Wozniak. “It’s clear, logical thinking. It’s about learning a lot of steps and making good decisions.”

A son of an engineer, Wozniak resorted to his work and innovations silently, mostly in his bedroom. Despite his inability to afford to build computers, he became fascinated with their design and began crafting his own unique replicas repeatedly to perfect flaws and create simpler designs.

“You do what you have to do especially when you have limited resources in life,” said Wozniak. When he got his first job in programming, he built his first computer and it was a success. And when Wozniak met Steve Jobs, their friendship blossomed when they exchanged stories regarding their mischievous yet highly technological pranks they pulled on fellow classmates.

Once Wozniak and Jobs started Apple, Wozniak said he was very resistant in becoming a part of a power structure within the company unlike Jobs. “I didn’t like the business end,” said...
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