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Topics: Steve Jobs, Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak Pages: 11 (3543 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Introduction- 1 -
Purpose of the project- 1 -
The history of Apple- 1 -
Overview of Steve Jobs- 2 -
Steve Jobs Traits & behaviors- 4 -
Steve Jobs leadership STYLE- 8 -
Directive- 8 -
Charismatic- 9 -
Paul Hersey and Ken Blanchard Contingency- 12 -
Transformational & Transactional Leader- 13 -
Major traits & behavioral expectations of the followers- 14 -
Appropriate & INAPPROPRIATENESS of the leadership style & the effectiveness of leaders & managers- 15 -
Conclusion- 16 -
References- 17 -

According to the saying which states that there are three apples that have changed the world; one was Adams & Eve, one was Newton and the last is known to be the Macintosh Apple built by Steve Jobs. Apple and creativity are two faces of the same coin as it exceed the customer needs and expectation in providing the outstanding features and service. In this project we are going to talk about Steve Jobs traits & behaviors, leadership style, major traits & behavioral expectations of the followers and appropriate and Inappropriateness of the leadership style & the effectiveness of leaders and managers. Purpose of the project

Why did Apple become the most valuable company on earth? Who drove it toward being the other name of creativity? What is the impact of the leadership style on the organization? This project is written to explore the impact of a successful leader who was behind the apple evolution in the tech industry brining it from the garage to the innovation sky. It will study Steve Jobs journey as a CEO for Apple; focusing on his portrait and analysis in influencing his followers to be reach the desired goals. However, it will identify the leadership pattern used based on the situation and the effectiveness of the leader and describe his traits and behaviors. The history of Apple

The success story behind establishing Apple Inc. started when Steve Jobs met Stephan Wozniak both are college dropouts and share the electronic love. The involvement of Wozniak in Homebrew Computer Club which was a group of early computer hobbyists and electronic enthusiasts launched by Gordon French and Fred Moore allowed him to shape his knowledge in computing field. Wozniak was attending the group meetings at the club and gathered a knowledge which inspired him to draw his line in the world of technology. Wozniak success started when he began building boxes that allowed making long-distance phone calls for free. This success resulted in accomplishing a continuous series of achievements in the life of Apple history over three decades: * Apple I: After the phone calls boxes Wozniak had the desire of having a personal computer which drove him toward building his own computer board that brought to Steve's mind the idea of establishing Apple Inc. in 1976 by releasing Apple I and using Jobs parents’ garage as the headquarter. * Apple II: The two Steve started their real business by selling the Byte shop; a local computer store around 50 Apple I. Wozniak moved forward thinking about developing the next generation of the machine, when he successfully introduced Apple II on 1977. * Apple III: Released on 1980 after the expansion in the company size and sales increase. * The Macintosh: Introduced on 1984 as the first personal computer and popularized graphical user interface. Currently the vision of Steve moved Apple from introducing Apple I in his own garage to provide I Pad ,I phone and other products worldwide.

Overview of Steve Jobs
Steven Paul Jobs was born in San Francisco, California 1955. Steve was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, after his biological parents gave him up for adoption, who moved to the suburban city of Mountain View a couple of years later. At the time, the Santa Clara county was known as Silicon Valley due to the developing of a many semi-conductor companies. Growing in an environment of engineers...

References: * Isaacson, W. (2011). Steve jobs
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