Strategic Plan Critique Paper

Topics: Research, Citation, APA style Pages: 6 (1991 words) Published: May 13, 2011
The following document contains the consolidated feedback that members of Team C provided to each other as the final individual assignments for the strategic plans were completed. This was a useful tool in providing a peer review prior to the final submission of the individual assignment. This task allowed each team member the opportunity to provide recommendations for others to enhance their own papers as well as provide some insight on areas where our own papers could be best finalized.

K.’s Feedback for the Team
The background and executive summary of the paper lay a good foundation for the strategic analysis. I noticed that there were a number of grammatical errors throughout the paper which is to be expected with a rough draft. It might be good to go over the paper 2-3 times to check for errors. Your paper is a tad bit verbose and the conclusion has not been added yet. Your paper is informative and well researched and does an excellent job of developing ideas and concepts. Reducing the word limit might eliminate some of your ideas so chose carefully which sections of the paper are eliminated.
You are off to a great start in terms of the information that you have gathered about the company. From the paper I assumed that you have some affiliation with the company, but I not sure if we are supposed to write in the first person for this assignment. This is something that perhaps should be discussed with the professor to make sure that you don't lose points. You're SWOT analysis is strong and should serve as a great aid as you finalize the remainder of your paper. I also would like to suggest that you refer to the APA format for citing sources, but I know this is a rough draft you may have already realized that. I also did not see a vision statement for H&R Block. Your paper shows great promise and should yield a good mark.
You paper is well researched and has a concise flow which makes it easy to read and understand. I was not familiar with this company, but your background and history of the organization was informative allowing readers that are ignorant to its operations a good foundation. Your environmental analysis did a good job of analyzing the factors that influence the business which allowed you to develop clear and concise long term objectives. I would suggest that headers be used under each of the external environments for each factor. This makes the paper easier to follow. Your paper is almost complete save for a few sections, but overall it is a strong, well researched paper.

P’s Feedback for the Team
Great research so far, and know more is to come!
The paper has a good solid word information and from your papers before you do great work with formation, study content, and APA formatting. Also good research on the paper also. I can stress the APA format here for I already know that you do that in your papers, but if you keep the same flow with knowledge of the paper with the ideas you have already formed then you should have a good solid paper. The only thing I can comment on is the wording for the APA format structure is not here, but again from past papers you have prepared I know you are familiar with the format. From the team assessment on the group work you always do a great write up so I have no problem with thinking that this paper will not be the same.

The paper is well researched, with good sentence structure. Good format but the third person of I needs to be removed due to the it is not allowed in the APA format. So far what I have seen is good, and with a good research background. You have separation of titles and headings and that makes the paper flow very well. Good SWOT analysis, and also of the Critical Factors with the chart. The paper is not yet finished but the parts that are there are very descriptive. Executive summary was good also and it did hit on most of the parts of the paper, overall good...
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