Street smart vs. Book smart

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Street Smart Vs. Book Smart
“Making students’ nonacademic interests an object of academic study is useful, then, for getting students’ attention and overcoming their boredom and alienation” Gerald Graff explains in the reading “Hidden Intellectualism.” Graff talks about his childhood and his interest in nothing else, but sports. When he was young he believed that he was the typical anti-intellectual teenage boy. Since then, he has decided that it was actually not considered an anti-intellectual, but actually intellectual by other means. He compares people that are considered book-smart to the person that is considered street-smart. He goes back and forth between which type of person actually has the better quality. He comes to the conclusion that it is important not to completely disregard student’s non-academic interests, but to actually get them to see those subjects through academic-eyes.

The terms book smart and street smart differentiate between someone who went to a university and those who figured it out all on their own. It has been proven that it is easier for a person to get a job when they have some sort of secondary education. “Unemployment data shows that more than 8% of the population looking for a job can’t find one. However, for those with a bachelor’s degree, the unemployment rate is only 3.9%” (Parker).

Many great men and women where considered street-smart. “Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, is widely regarded as one of the best business men of his day” (Parker). Steve Jobs was able to find success without having a college degree. Steve Wozniak, the cofounder of Apple, also did not have a college degree. There are many people who have proven that being very well educated with a college degree aren’t the only people that can build an empire and be successful.

Many of my role models have always told me that it is more important to have experience outside the classroom compared to learning everything from inside a...

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