Student: Typography and Brown Mackie College

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Brown Mackie College Miami

Include an abstract only if your instructor or assignment specifically states an abstract is required. This is because a student paper is typically short and not intended for publication.

*An abstract is a summary of what your paper is about.*

Title of Paper Here Just Like in the Middle of the Title Page Start your paper right here. Never have a section called “Introduction.” However, do have an introductory section where you start the essay and set the stage with your thesis and outline of the topics to be presented. A well written essay is similar to a trip. The introduction section is the planning stage where you determine the place, time, and method of travel. You also plan the order of the trip and stages of travel. Body of paper would be next. This section is similar to the actual trip where you experience what you have planned in the order of stages of travel. Use APA formatted headings to help you reader transition from section to section. A suggestion is to use headings that are in the order of the assignment and evaluation criteria or rubric so your instructor can easily see you have fulfilled each part of the assignment’s content requirements. Always end with a conclusion where you summarize your paper and repeat the primary points. This is similar to reviewing the pictures you took on your trip and remembering the important places and experiences.

*Do not forget to use proper citations in your paper after any information you used: Book citation (Author last name, year of publication). Example: (Smith, 2011).

Insert one space after commas, colons, and semicolons.
Space twice after punctuation marks at the end of a sentence. You must use a comma between elements (including before and and or) in a series of three or more items. Example: Please list the height, width, and depth....

References: Mayo Clinic Staff. (2010). Diabetes. The Mayo Clinic. Retrieved August 30, 2010, from the
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