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September 7 2013
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Summary of "you've got to find what you love "
In the 2005 essay " you've got to find what you love" Steve jobs CEO of Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios gives a speech to the graduating class at Stanford university encouraging them to be risky, strive for what you want in life and just trust in their "Gut Instinct" even if it means to be different. In the first story jobs urges the students to trust in themselves and take chances in things that might not seem to be. Jobs himself took a chance when he "dropped out of college" and believed things will work out eventually, even at that moment his sleeping and eating condition were not the best. Jobs takes another chance when he decides to take a calligraphy class. He found the class interesting. Although he did not know where it would lead him , later on this interest lead Him to designing the first Macintosh computer which was design into Mac one of his biggest success . In the second story jobs tells the students to find what they love in life and follow also goes on to say that it is okay to have some ups and down and bumpy road on their way to success. Jobs found what he love to do at an early age, which was to have his own company.he started his company in his mom's garage which later turned into a "billion dollar business, called apple. 10 years after Jobs started his company he gets fired. Also, when jobs got fired he did not give up he excepted life for how it was. Rather jobs went onto creating bigger and better things. In which he later found NeXT and Pixel company. In creating "the first computer animated feature film toy story". In the third story jobs gives example to the students bout how to live their lives to the fullest on earth because any day it can can change and they can no longer here.for example...
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