Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak Pages: 4 (1306 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Tucker H. Drimal
BU201-Orgazational Management
Professor Lawter
Steve Jobs: His Desired Attributes

Steve Jobs is considered one of most successful men in our nation’s history. He is recognized most famously for the establishment of the company “Apple” and given credit for creating and perfecting the’ Smart Phone”. Someone like myself entering into the real world you find yourself looking for the best possible root to achieving your definition of “success”. Many people through time have measured ones “success” by the volume of their bank account and others define success by the intrinsic values of a profession in which usually means a smaller bank account. So as a young man on the brink of penetrating into the real world bubble in only a few short years, I find myself asking the very question, “What is my definition of success? Do I wish for the bank account of Henry Ford or to give back to my fellow man like India’s Gandhi? As I search for the path to take, I find myself wondering how does one achieve success despite the desired conclusion; how? One may say luck is behind the magnitude of one’s success, others say education is the key to a stable and prosperous future but every year millions of students and individual’s inherent fortunes or gain a degree and never amount or obtain their desired conclusion. The question remains what are these “successful individuals” doing to achieve their goals? As I read through the copious amount of text on the man kinds list of successful I find myself finding a common between these men and woman. It is not in the shape of an Ivy League diploma or a tremendous inheritance but something more intrinsic, and attribute in which some label as ignorance or stupidity, its called courage. Throughout Henry Ford’s life he faced many different obstacles some small, some big and some seeming unsurpassable. If there is one attribute in which I admire most in Steve Jobs is his courage. Steve’s courage to stray from the...

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