Swot Analysis: Iphone and Apple as Apple Inc's View

Topics: Apple Inc., IPod Touch, IPhone Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: September 4, 2010
SWOT Analysis: iPhone and Apple as Apple Inc’s view

• Recognition Brand.
• Good reputation.
• Integration iPod in iPhone. Use brand iPod as base in order to grow iPhone market. (Customers buy iPhone and also get iPod in the same device) • Good business strategist, Apple is using App Store in iTunes as a tool to drive the iPhone’s market. And Apple makes it more attract by cutting application prize in App Store off 30% and almost a half of application in the App Store are free to download. (There are 65,000 applications in App Store with 1.5 billion downloading applications in 1 year.) • Apple’s iPhone as a first Incumbent of OS software platform in iPhone that success. Apple courage all developers around the world to develop software for the OS software platform in iPhone and be a part of business of App Store in iTunes by distributing software development to make it easy to create application on the iPhone. • Good marketing advertisement.

• High Research and Development: every year Apple will come out with new technology and new features to beat their competitors. • iPhone has iTunes application, it provides customers to download music and ringtones. • Company’s bargaining power: Only Apple influences on the iPhone design, iPhone software and iPhone’s development. AT&T has nothing to do with it. Only Apple has a right to do it.

• High cost subsidizes, we have to subsidize iPhone cost, otherwise customers won’t buy it. Because it’s too expensive. And prize before subsidize, higher cost than competitors. • Apple provides unlock SIM option, so the iPhone can be unlock. It means customer can switch to another carrier. • Lack of international operates: limited Distribution and Service Channels. Only Apple Store, Apple retail Store can distribute it. So it won’t be enough for customers demand. And even repairing iPhone or replacement, Only Apple Store and Apple retail store can do that. If our country doesn’t has Apple...
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