Topics: Citation, Plagiarism, High school Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Part I:

Who and what does plagiarism/fabrication really hurt?

Plagiarism has the capability to hurt others on a personal and professional note. Students are assigned written pieces in an effort to challenge and improve writing skills. By using someone else’s work in place of their own, the student does not gain anything other than a good grade if he/she is fortunate enough to get away with it. Most high school students are not wise enough to value the experience they gain through the work they do, but cheating on them does not in any way benefit them. Additionally, depending on the person, taking credit for another’s work can do great damage to one’s guilty conscious. When fabrication or dishonest work is done, not only is the author hurting his or herself, the reader is also affected by the lie. No one likes to be fooled and trust is broken by both fabrication and plagiarism. Plagiarism hurts all that are affected by it -- the author and the reader.

What should be the repercussions of plagiarism/fabrication be? In high school? College? Career?

Plagiarism is a very serious offense in the academically oriented world that people live in today. In order to talk about the repercussion about plagiarism/fabrication, students and employees must have a full understanding about plagiarism/fabrication; they must be properly informed about how to cite sources, why plagiarism/fabrication is wrong, and who it hurts. That being said, the consequences of plagiarism/fabrication should be more tolerant towards high school students as they are more naive and less tolerant towards employees as they should already be informed on the severity of plagiarism. High school students, upon plagiarism/fabrication, should be given one warning on the first offense, a zero on the second offense, and a suspension on the third. The school administrators must treat all plagiarism cases the same way, and stress how plagiarism is plagiarism, no matter how much of the information one...

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